Posted by Evan Shore on Dec 23rd 2022

What are the different types of slurpees?

Slurpees are known by many different names, but here they are known mostly as slurpees. We have many different variations and they all function more or less the same; but each has their differences. 

This is the lineup:

Classic Slurpee - 18mm 

This is the original slurpee. It features an 18mm wide body, with 3 slits at the base. The top is beveled and dish is entirely handmade in house. We believe that forming the dish by hand in house allows us to have full control over the quality. The original slurpee also has a scientific joint, this ensures an absolute seal.

Disk Tech Slurpee - 18mm

The bottom disk of the slurpee can be customized with any of our signature patterns! Much like the original slurpee, the disk tech slurpee features an 18mm wide body, with 3 slits at the base. The disk tech also features a scientific joint to ensure a quality seal. The top is beveled, but the dish at the bottom is a flat disk of quartz that we attach and flare upwards. Attaching a disk is a less time consuming process, which is why the disk tech slurpee is slightly cheaper. The function is very similar to the original slurpee.

Shaft Slurpee - 12mm

The shaft slurpee is the tall and skinny one. The shaft features a 12mm wide body with a beveled top. It has 3 slits at the bottom as well as 1 auto spinner hole about halfway up the body. The hole is angled downward at a 45° angle. When the shaft is functioning, the 3 slits are sending air up, while the auto spinner hole is sending air downward. The shaft hole can also be known as the "rev-limiter." The bottom dish of the shaft is handmade and it also has a scientific joint.

Eco Slurpee - 18mm


The Eco Slurpee is our attempt at making a more affordable American quartz slurpee. The function is much like our original 18mm slurpee, there are just some differences to make it more affordable. The eco slurpee features an 18mm body with 3 slits at the bottom and a beveled top. The bottom dish is made by attaching a disk to the bottom and flaring it upwards. The joint is a handmade joint which is made in house. The bottom dish and handmade joint are what makes the eco slurpee more affordable.