Posted by Evan Shore on Dec 24th 2022

What are the different types of slurpees?

Slurpees are known by many different names, but here they are known mostly as slurpees. We have many different variations and they all function more or less the same; but each has their differences.&n …

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Posted by Evan Shore on Jun 7th 2022

What is an Auto Spinner Banger?

An auto spinner banger is a standard bucket that has 2 or more holes in the sides. These holes are usually angled at 45° to cause spinning air currents inside the banger. Anything inside will be spun …

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Posted by Evan Shore on May 13th 2020

What is an Eco Banger?

The goal was to allow more people to experience the benefits of high quality quartz without breaking the bank. Currently, there are two main differences of Eco Bangers:First, Eco Bangers use a differe …

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Posted by Evan Shore on Jan 27th 2020

What is an Opaque Quartz Banger?

Opaque quartz has air injected into the quartz process. This gives it an opaque color and unique insulating properties. Opaque quartz is traditionally used to stop the transfer of heat that radiates f …

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Posted by Evan Shore on Oct 8th 2019

Heating and Cleaning Instructions

Heating Instructions:Apply heat mostly to the base, also heating sides until the the quartz gets very hot. Wait for the quartz to cool for at least: 500° - 600° F (1:30 - 1:45 sec)Add or subtract …

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