ESB Slurpee, Trippy Bead and Cap Bundle

Evan Shore Bangers
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Save with this bundle!!

The 18mm Quartz Slurpee is our top functioning piece. It features 3 angled slits that slurp in on the bottom. Once inside, everything spins around like a tornado. Pair the Slurpee with one of our Ruby Pearls or Quartz Beads to improve its function.

The 18mm slurpee can handle a lot of action. To insure it's longevity, clean it thoroughly before, during and after use. Alcohol is recommended for a total clean.


  • Approx. ~1:10-1:40 Minute Cool Down
  • 18mm Wide Bucket
  • Beveled Top
  • High Airflow Intake
  • American GE214 Quartz
  • 3 Slits in dish for dialed airflow


100% American Made Product!

Manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Everything from Evan Shore is crafted with precision, and each product goes through several levels of quality control to ensure every banger is absolutely perfect. All products are produced using American GE214 Quartz, the highest quality quartz available.