Leaves - Trippy XL Flat Top Quartz Banger

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Sacred trippy tear drops all over! Inspired by blasting off, grandma's handkerchief, and your favorite festival backdrop- these Fully Etched bangers will transport you to a higher realm...

  • Full Etching
  • 20mm Inner Diameter
  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • ~4mm Thick Bucket Bottom
  • ~18mm Between Bucket Base And bottom of neck hole
  • Approx. ~1:10-1:40 Minute Cool Down
  • Beveled Lip
  • No larger than 18mm insert diameter



  • 5
    Trippy "Leaves" Banger

    Posted by Dean Alan Urone on Sep 22nd 2020

    What can I say.... THE BEST banger in all the land. I Highly recommend this product. I will never buy another product unless it's Evan Shore. The beauty is outstanding and the heat retention is supreme. Thanks again!!

  • 5
    Trippy Banger Leaves

    Posted by Jay on Sep 20th 2020


  • 5
    Trippy Leaf Banger

    Posted by Amanda on Jul 1st 2020

    The look of the nail itself is flawless. The welds day edges are smooth. The etched leaf design that covers the entire banger is gorgeous. The nail holds heat extremely well. When paired with the CAD capsule, you will never take a smoother hit. It is worth the wait.