Heating and Cleaning Instructions

Heating Instructions:

When breaking in a new banger, apply heat to the base with a sufficiently hot butane flame until the bottom of the banger begins to emit a faint red glow. Wait for the banger to cool for at least 1:30 - 1:45 before adding your essentials. This should produce a hit that is close to the intended temperature of vaporization. From here, add or subtract cooldown time until the desired result is achieved. With regular use, bangers will gradually lose heat retention as the quartz degrades over time. Heat times may vary from nail to nail, so be sure to ask the owner the correct cooldown time for their nail!

If essentials are dropped onto our bangers too hot, the oil rapidly burns to the surface of the banger, and sometimes can only be cleaned off by applying heat to the banger until the stain is gone.

Cleaning Instructions:

After each use, swab the inner surface of the banger thoroughly with at least 3 qtips. This prevents oil from getting reheated and baked into the surface of the banger on the next use. If a qtip does not pick up any residue from your banger, it is a good sign that you’ve done well cleaning it. You also may notice the neck of the bend becomes resinous with use. After gently heating the bend with your torch, and using only a flexible qtip, slide a swab up into the curvature of the joint and allow the qtip to absorb the buildup.