Autospinner XL Flat Top Quartz Banger

Evan Shore Bangers
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This Banger Spins Anything That is Put In It

This bucket features 2 angled air intake holes. Once you cap it, everything spins round and round. Use a solid cap or a marble for the top. This banger functions the same as the XL Flat Top, it just adds an extra spinning element


Our signature Quartz line is the derivative of a good dab and made for globbers. The bell Bottom helps the essential oils stay down in the bucket and the increased surface area allows more heat to be stored in the base giving you a dab like no other. 


  • 20mm Inner Diameter
  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • Beveled Top
  • Bell Bottom Flared bottom
  • 4mm Thick Bucket bottom
  • 2 Side Air Intake Holes
  • Etched Fibonacci Logo on bottom