ESB XXL Clear Quartz Slurpey

Evan Shore Bangers
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The Best Functioning Quartz Slurpey

The 24mm Quartz Slurpey is newest addition to the slurpey lineup! It features 3 angled slits that slurp in on the bottom. Once inside, everything spins around like a tornado. Pair the Slurpey with one of our Ruby Pearls or Quartz Beads to improve its function.




The 24mm slurpey can handle a lot of action. To insure it's longevity, clean it thoroughly before, during and after use. Alcohol is recommended for a total clean.


  • 10mm or 14mm Joint
  • 45° or 90° Bend
  • 20mm Inner Diameter
  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • 32mm Bottom Dish
  • 3 Bottom Slits