RBR x ESB Quartz Slurpey

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Official ESB x Bear Mountain RBR Collab Slurpey

This slurpey functions exactly like our OG slurpey. It features a super long extended neck; this helps keep the bucket away from the RBR Dewar.


Official Bear Mountain Engraving on the front of the slurpey.


  • 10mm or 14mm Joint
  • 90° Bend
  • 14mm Inner Diameter
  • 18mm Outer Diameter
  • 32mm Bottom Dish
  • 3 Bottom Slits 
  • Extended Joint
  • Beveled Top


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  • 5
    Bms/Rbr slurpee collab

    Posted by Jay on Jan 20th 2023

    Have to wait a month for the order to ship but theres no denying functionality and quality wise its the best banger I’ve owned and I have ALL the big name American quartz. I’ll definitely be purchasing again, just hoping shipping is a bit faster.

  • 5
    The Best Quartz Product I’ve Ever Used

    Posted by Eman Tavassoli on Dec 15th 2022

    This ESB RBR slurpee is the best quartz product I’ve ever used. I highly recommend this product to everyone, especially if you have an RBR. I’ve used all kinds of quartz products and styles over the course of many years, but this was the best of them all. If you considering getting an ESB Banger, I would highly recommend considering getting an ESB slurpee too. This is a complete upgrade in the hit and experience in comparison to a bucket banger. It took dabs and hash vaporization to another level for me. Once you experience and use and ESB slurpee, you won’t want to use anything else. The function, flavor it keeps, heat retention, vapor production, and build quality is off the charts it’s so good. My favorite aspect of the slurpee is how fast it vaporizes hash with its high surface area design, it’s so much better than a standard banger in how fast the vapor is produced and delivered to you. If you have an RBR, this is the best quartz accessory to compliment it. I would recommend this product to everyone.